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KidSmart complements and supports each CaseManager implementation with a full range of professional, instructional, and application hosting services.

Professional services ensure that each CaseManager implementation is custom-tailored to customer needs. These services include consulting, analysis, and project management, as well as software design, development, testing, and certification.

Instructional services ensure that customer staff can use CaseManager quickly and efficiently.

The SmartNet hosting service allows customers to access CaseManager reliably and securely, eliminates the concerns associated with a locally managed product, and provides a variety of technical support options.

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Professional Services

KidSmart consultants work closely with customers to identify data collection and reporting requirements, and to design a CaseManager configuration that best suits a customer's service delivery process. They manage all aspects of an implementation, from project scoping and needs analysis, through custom feature design and development, program configuration, implementation, instruction, documentation, support, and follow-up.

Instructional Services

KidSmart offers a variety of instructional services to ensure that customer staff learn to use CaseManager quickly and efficiently. Each implementation is supported by live instruction, following an "entire staff" or a "train the trainer" model.

Classes are available for basic and advanced data entry, basic and advanced reporting, and local administration. Each class includes includes implementation-specific instructional documentation.


SmartNet is KidSmart's Internet-based application and data hosting service that allows customers to access CaseManager and store data reliably and securely. SmartNet's key features include:


SmartNet is a server-based hosting platform that allows customers to realize the benefits of KidSmart's investment in specialized, high-performance application and database servers without incurring the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining equipment locally.


KidSmart constantly monitors SmartNet to ensure system availability. Components are routinely upgraded and/or replaced as necessary to ensure high reliability and high performance levels. The Support Center features a real-time system status report that customers can view at any time.


SmartNet features 128-bit encryption for all CaseManager sessions, unique logons and personalized passwords for all users, and firewall and antivirus protection for all system components.

Automatic Updates

SmartNet's eliminates the hassles associated with rolling out software patches and/or updates on local systems. CaseManager feature enhancements, corrections, and bug-fixes are implemented on the SmartNet application servers, and are available to customers automatically when they log on.

Technical Support

Technical support is available via telephone, email, or on the web at the KidSmart Support Center. Using session shadowing technology, support staff are able to walk customers through most issues on screen.

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