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Movie 1 (13.6 MB) CaseManager satisfies the goals of single data entry, cross-referencing of data, and the ability to move data in functional ways.

Movie 2 (13.0 MB) CaseManager is a single application with the flexibility to support multiple programs and satisfy their unique requirements.

Movie 3 (11.6 MB) CaseManager makes data readily accessible.

Movie 4 (10.2 MB) CaseManager's Internet-based accessibility offers many benefits.

Movie 5 (10.1 MB) CaseManager provides customers with a consistent way to evaluate data across multiple programs.

Movie 6 (20.3 MB) CaseManager allows customers to evaluate performance from a variety of perspectives.

Movie 7 (10.9 MB) CaseManager's user-friendly interface helps customers organize and retrieve large amounts of data.

Movie 8 (25.3 MB) CaseManager provides customers with tools to assess staff and monitor program goals, and allows for tracking of data across multiple program years.


See what customers are saying about KidSmart consultants...

Movie 9 (39.0 MB) KidSmart consultants conduct a thorough analysis prior to implementation to ensure that customer needs, and those of their partners, are satisfied. The result is a flexible product that can quickly adapt to change. When change is required KidSmart consultants continue to provide personal attention.


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Movie 10 (8.4 MB) KidSmart instructors do a "yeoman's job" of working with technical and data entry staff.


See what customers are saying about KidSmart staff...

Movie 11 (5.3 MB) KidSmart staff are responsive to customer needs, to a degree above and beyond a "normal software company".



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